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American Museum
A Chapbook by Cole Bellamy
"With the arresting grace of a magician, Cole Bellamy has written a frightening, enchanted book.  The poems in American Museum have the effect of sitting in a circus tent that happens to be the poet’s bared imagination. Haunted with a gentle, lulling music rendered with stylus point precision, these poems give odd and quirky form to both the truth and the lie: Bellamy entangles the human and animal, the beautiful and grotesque, the sensual and violent, the monster and delicate.  Here is a poet that sings like a ringleader all the tales we didn’t—until now—know were our own."
18 poems - $8.00 USD

Beauty is Beauty Press
a small, independent poetry publisher designed to promote the works of local poets


As Light Ascends
A Chapbook by Nyssa Rhiannon Hanger
"Something in Hanger's writing is like dancing in the rain (or maybe spinning around in the sunshine). She splashes the page with light, wonder, and handful after handful of the elements that make days memorable: sentiment, fascination, and being."

15 Poems - $8.00 USD

Relevant Mythologies
A Chapbook by Charles Dugan
"Dugan catalogs the ethereal and honest space between daydream and reality; between sips of coffee and afterthought.  His musings about the pantheon of godly life, about the layering of the divine into ordinary moments, delivers an intensely intellectual and simultaneously humorous tome."
16 Poems - $8.00 USD